​​​​​​​Corvettes of Tyler

Driving the 3.1 mile track at Motor Sports Ranch in Cresson, TX. One of my favorite tracks with 16 turns. Along

with some off camber turns along with elevation changes. Challenging but lots of fun! You will be tired by the end of the day. A Mazda Speed 3 goes off track in front of me @ 8:52.

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Here's what some of us like to do with our cars. Here is a YouTube video of driving my Z06 at Circuit of the Americas (COTA), Austin, TX in December 2015 with Drivers Edge. There are two more of driving at Motor Sports Ranch, Cresson. This just gives us an idea of what our cars are capable of. And we can do it in a safe venue and get educated on driving our cars fast, safely, on a dedicated track, not on the street . Corvettes of Tyler did this as a group a number of years ago, and anyone who is interested can find out more by talking with John, Tom or me. You can also get on Drivers Edge Website to sign up yourself. 

Driving at Circuit of The Americas in Austin. COTA is a very technical high speed track, so you won't get to drive this one if your a novice, but something to look forward to. The only F1supercar track in North America, so it was definitely on my bucket list. 

​Second session  went good until a Z06 engine grenaded a few cars ahead and pukes all his fluids on the track going into turn 12 off of a high speed straight. At the 13:20 mark things get squirrelly as I slip and slide heading to turn 12.

Driving the 1.7 mile track at Motor Sports Ranch in Cresson, TX. 

My son is in the Grey 2015 Mustang in front of me. Another Corvettes of Tyler member was also running that weekend.